The library remodeling and expansion is almost complete, with just a few outside tweaks to add and a few additions to the inside this fall.  There is so much more room for everyone to search for items, surf on the internet or simply browse.  Your patience throughout this process has been very much appreciated; the end result is worth it!     

This is being financed by the generous gift received from Nora Anderson, whose bequest has also helped other organizations.  To honor her and her generosity, we have placed a bench in front of the library dedicated to her.



Although we were unable to get a grant from Let's Talk About It this coming year, we will be holding our adult reading programs on our usual schedule.  The Idaho Commission for Libraries is allowing us to borrow four books from the LTAI series of Pulitzer Prize Winners, which we hope to be 1) All the Light You Cannot See; 2) The Old Man and the Sea; 3) To Kill a Mockingbird; and 4) The Age of Innocence; and 5) A Visit from the Good Squad. Our dates are January 18, February 1, February 15, March 1 and March 15 to be held at our library.  More information will be forthcoming.